Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pepperjam...the Next and Newest Generation

Pepperjam is one of the newest affiliate programs partnering with such big brand merchants as Baby Phat, Sean Jean, Blockbuster just to name a very few, with new merchants signing on often.
PJN Promo

They have a 'Pepperjam Store Builder' for some of their participating merchants. See this example, from one of my own 'Pepperjam' merchant partners. I have inserted one of mine into the side bar of this sure to check it out!

Even though I am still relatively new to the business of affiliate marketing, I am signing on with new merchants everyday. The more quality merchants (like those found on Pepperjam) that I partner with, the greater the chances to make a full time living with my new career in, affiliate marketing.

PJN July Promo

Friday, January 30, 2009

10 Steps Necessary for Affiliate Success

10 Steps Necessary for Affiliate Success

1. Set Goals. -- This is important and really needs to be done first. I wasted weeks because I didn't do this FIRST. It's hard to if you've reached your destination, if you don't know where you're going. Keep a notebook...'get it in writing'. You're going to get 'information overload', even if you pay for a top program...the information comes pretty fast and furious...and you might get lost if you don't write it down.

2. Start out with 'small expectations'. If you go too 'great' you might get discouraged and give up on your goals. So, if you set a earn $200 or $300 a month, with your affiliate marketing, Adsense,'ve given yourself a workable place to start. You can increase your expectations as you learn and refine your knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing.

3. Discover your niche(s). What are you 'good' at, interested in, passionate about...? What is the one thing that others seek advice from you on? If you just can't find something from doing a little self-examination, go visit Clickbank and search their marketplace. You don't have to join to see what different products they offer, maybe something will strike your fancy there.

4.Get familiar with Google AdWords and Wordtracker and refine your keywords.

5. Take your niche and build a website around it. You can start with a blog, then expand it to build a Squidoo lens, do a little article marketing and then set up a website. This is where the keywords come into play.

6. Join an affiliate program, or two, or more. You will get 'automatic approval' from some of the merchants in the programs but, other merchants (with the exception of Clickbank) may want to review your sites before they give their approval. Once you've been approved, start putting the links in your blog, lens and on your website.

7. Start getting yourself 'out there'. Participate in forums, join social networks, visit other blogs and leave comments. It's time to start 'mining for gold'..and quality links that lead back to your sites are as good as gold.

8. Set a schedule. So that you don't overwhelmed or distracted by 'too much information', set a schedule. How much time daily/ weekly are you going to devote to your affiliate marketing? Don't go 'overboard' or 'underboard' fair to yourself and be fair to your new 'venture'.

9. Once you have one or two niches going, the blog, the lens, the website are all set up..start all over again and build more niche sites. You increase your odds and you increase the possibility of making a decent income.

10. Keep learning. But, don't sign up for every 'get rich quick' program that comes along. Chances are better that you'll make a lot more money on the programs that don't make the 'get rich' promises. I'll be listing some of those programs here you can check them out and decide for yourselves.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Share A Sale

Share A Sale is another affiliate program that I have joined. They have features that are unique and easy for their affiliates to work with.

See the page I was able to put together, featuring one of their merchants. It's waaay down at the bottom of this post...I just could not figure out how to fit it. But, I left it in anyway...just so you could see what different features they had.

Land Before Time 100 Piece Puzzle

Elmo Molded Handle Folding Umbrella

Curious George Loot Bags - 8 Per Pack

Caillou Party Hats - 8 Per Package

Cars Decorative Wall Hook

Mickey and Friends Holiday Cards (10 pack w/ envelopes)

Tinker Bell Magic Gloves

Caillou Placemat

Backyardigans Luncheon Napkins

Blue's Clues Night Light

Caillou 9 Inch Plates - 8 Per Package

Backyardigans 3 Foot Puzzle - 46 Pieces

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


LinkShare  Referral  Prg

LinkShare is an affiliate company that I joined.

Their program categories include;
business and career
clothing and accessories
computer and electronics
department store
food and drink
games and toys
hobbies and collectibles...

well, you see where I'm going here.

They have programs that fit in well with whatever niche you want to market.

Here's one of the merchants I am marketing, I love their easy to use promotional materials. It's so easy to advertise when the companies provide easily accessible promotional material that comes complete with your own affiliate ID number embedded.

Wolfgang's Vault - Bargain Bin

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Clickbank is one of the easiest affiliate programs and the one that most of the affiliates with whom I have communicated, start with. Their products are digital and immediately accessible, upon receipt of payment, to the purchaser.

From products like Commission Blueprint, to Earth 4 Energy, to Secrets to Dog Training...and more.

It's pretty simple. You sign up with Clickbank, select the product(s) you want to promote and do pretty much what I'm doing...a little 'bum blogging and bum marketing'.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My goals and Reality.

"...these are the goals I've set up for date!
1. Have five 'bum marketing' sites up and the beginning of next week.
2. Set up five brand new 'bum marketing' sites every 7 days.
3. Write 1 'how-to' eBook every week, that I will offer as my own product."

These WERE the goals I set up for myself...and to be didn't happen!

Perhaps I was a bit too enthusiastic and wanted to 'do it all'...right out of the gate...but, being realistic..this is what I actually DID accomplish.

I wrote a lens on 'How to Promote Your Business For Free' , which I will work on how to monetize, at some point..

I signed up to write articles for Ezine articles and Hub pages.

I joined Pepperjam, Linkshare and Share A Sale affiliate programs.

I added affiliate links to my 'Idol Chat and More' blog.

I wrote a number of articles and outlined several 'campaigns' that I plan to 'launch' one at a time over the next few weeks.

Read my 'reviews' on Pepperjam, Linkshare, Share A Sale and Clickbank in the coming days.
I feel that each of these programs has a lot to offer and each deserve a separate post of their own.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I signed up for "Wealthy Affiliate" and this is my review!

(UPDATE) May 1, 2009
I wanted to be honest in the writing of this blog. So, this update is just to let you know that "yes, I did sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. I went through the two month program...followed all of the lessons...visited the Forum and asked questions. Then...I unsubscribed."
I don't have anything negative to say against Wealthy Affiliate. It may just be that "I didn't 'get' it." I took notes, followed step by step...and ended up more confused than I was when I started. I know the 'boys' are in 'it' to make money...but, I did get a little 'off-put' that several of the things I wanted more information on, cost more money.
Since I was trying to learn how to make money on the internet...and wasn't....I certainly did not have anything extra to spare.
I really needed more information than I received, to be able to...
1. Set up a website there. So I looked elsewhere.
2. Find low-cost or free methods to do my affiliate marketing.
3. Find a 'support-system' to help me by guiding, answering questions, etc.

A lot of the folks on Wealthy Affiliate seem to have found all of the above....unfortunately, I did not. I did find them elsewhere though. The links to 'where' I found what I was looking for .... are included in the above 3 examples.

I 'had' to do it! I recently signed up for "Wealthy Affiliate and have written a review about the program for you.

My original quest was to...find no cost (or low cost) programs that would 'teach' me the most effective ways to 'make money online'.

I ended up with 'head spin'...really! I tried this and that...and the majority of the time..hit a dead end..unless I wanted to 'buy into the programs'. To be honest..I couldn't afford it!

What I found though, on this quest, was that everyone who was talking about 'Wealthy Affiliate' had nothing but POSITIVE things to say! So, I purposely went out looking for 'negatives'. I mean, there a program out there that isn't just 'taking your money' and giving only half the information? I'm sure there are...I just couldn't find any of them...except for the 'Wealthy Affiliate' program.

Honestly, I could NOT find anything comparable, for the value of what comes in this program.

With the 'head spin' that I was in...what this program is doing for me is, it is helping me set goals and focus on the 'right' ways to start making money right away.

The cost of the monthly membership is minimal in comparison to what I've received from the program...all kinds of tools that will help make my job so much easier.
Time is money...right? Well, the tools in this program are already helping me know...all about keywords and to write the very best to market products 'for free'...or almost free!
I've got tools that tell me which programs to promote...and which, to probably stay away from.

There are so many tools...and a great forum with even more 'tools' that will help me make money online!

After joining, these are the goals I've set for date!

1. Have five 'bum marketing' sites up and the beginning of next week.
2. Set up five brand new 'bum marketing' sites every 7 days.
3. Write 1 'how to' ebook every week, that I will offer as my own product.

Since, I've only been a member a short time, I'm still learning...but, I also wanted to give myself the opportunity to start making more money...while I'm learning!

If you've been searching, as I've been, for that ONE program that you think will turn things around for you, and put you on the path to actually making money online, take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate Program and see what you think!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We can all learn from "Game Show In My Head"

I don't know if the show will catch on or not...but, really... the very first time I tuned into this show there is a guy...'sitting in a Port-a-Potty' and to win $5,000 he has a specified amount of time (maybe 5 minutes, if that) to get someone to...give him some reading material...give him some tissue..and talk to him for 1 minute.
Oh my gosh, I thought this was just too funny....the kicker is...he WON the $5,000! REALLY!

I think if we 'borrowed' a few things from this show...and applied it to 'Work at Home' programs...we would 'succeed more than we fail'.

Imagine, we have one week to come up with xxxx amount of dollars...we might not have to sit in a 'port-a-potty' to make those funds...but, if we go after it..with the same amount of 'gusto'...and 'put ourselves out there a little more' we might just do it!

I have to add that...I've yet to see any of the ALL of the challenges...but, all of the contestants (I've seen) have won most of them.
This is how I have begun to approach my own online 'work at home' programs...set up a number of 'challenges' so that I can increase my own odds of 'winning' at least SOME of them!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keywords are Vital to your Internet Marketing

I'm sure you already know, but I'll say it again, "keywords are vital to your internet marketing" venture.
It doesn't matter if you are trying to market a product/service of your own, or if you are promoting the products/ services of others, I'll repeat it again...'keywords are vital to your internet marketing'. If you don't have the right keywords, how will anyone find you?
The biggest problem I have encountered, in trying to market my own products, is having keywords that are too broad.
In other words, what I didn't do was my, research!
I sell original paintings and prints on several sites and have for almost five years now. Luckily, for me, people have managed to 'stumble across them' and I've been selling the entire time.
Who knows what would have happened, if I had known 'anything at all' about internet marketing when I first started. (Unfortunately, now that I've finally 'figured it out', we find ourselves in the middle of a recession.)
Anyway, before you market ANYTHING do a little research first.

We'll use my own case in point, I have marketed my paintings and sites using the following keywords....I have listed my 'competition' beside each keyword.

1. Original art --- 34,600,000
2. Original paintings --- 2,990,000
3. Original paintings for sale --- 501,000

You see...I was getting 'closer' to having a shot at 'exposure' each time I 'refined' my keywords. But, a half a million others are using the keywords 'original paintings for sale'....and I really thought I could be found....REALLY!

But, I didn't know whit about marketing...and so this is how I've marketed my art for almost five years.

Now...these are my keywords.

"original dark art paintings and prints" and I am listed First on Google.
In "original dark art paintings and prints for sale" I am listed Fifth. But still on the first page.

I eliminated the broad keywords I was using and narrowed it down to the 'type of art I am doing on this site' AFTER doing the research.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have you ever heard of 'Bum Blogging'?

Have you ever heard of 'bum blogging'? Well, I hadn't, so I did a little research into it and, here's what I found.

In a nutshell, from my understanding...(to date, I haven't really found the information I was hoping to find on it)..'bum blogging' is blogging as an affiliate marketing site, more or less.

First, you find a product that you want to promote...via Clickbank , LinkShare or from one of a number of Affliliate programs that you might be interested in.

Second, you research the product and write a good article about it.

Third, you set up a blog, about that product.

Fourth, you publish the well written article in one of the article submission sites, with a link back to the blog you've just set up.

Fifth, you hop back over to your blog and lay it out so that it is, well written, with good content, personality and a 'call to action'. In short, you tell people

1. what your product is...

2. how it can "improve your life" (lose weight, improve health of pet, make money...whatever this 'improvement' is)..

3. give a 'testimonial' or product review...

4. issue a 'call to action'...tell them to 'get it now'....(you want them to order this product, so the call to action needs to have a little 'urgency' to it.)

5. Make sure you have inserted your affiliate link for this product in your wording at the beginning, somewhere within the product description, and in the closing of your blog post.

6. Insert an image, if possible, of a screenshot of the product you are promoting.

The 'bum blogging' part comes in when you begin to repeat these actions for various products you are promoting. Your odds are greatly improved when you have 10-50-100 of these little 'mini-sites' than to put all of your hope on just 1 'bum blog'.

I'm in the process of setting up several of these...and I'll write more about how this is going..with the near future!

Friday, January 16, 2009

So many little time.

There are so many programs that advertise, 'Make money overnight'..'I made $1000 while I slept' know what I'm talking about.
It's enough to make one's head spin several times...round and round.
So..what am I doing?
Well, I'm trying to 'wade through as many as possible', so I can pass along anything that seems like it might be a good idea, here in this blog.

I've got a couple of programs that I am doing, extensive research on...and one that I have pretty much decided I'm going to spend a little money and sign up.

I'll have some new posts...with what I hope is...very useful information, in just a few days.
I'm also going to 'launch a campaign', during that same time period, that I will lead you through, each step of the way.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Internet Attention Deficit Disorder

There really is such a thing as, 'Internet Attention Deficit Disorder'!

I wrote a few 'information' posts, for while I'm away...on my 'Internet Free Working Vacation' I can be 'distraction free' to draft my definitive 'Plan of Action'.

Here are a few ways you can 'spot and eradicate' it!.

1. Detect Your Time Wasters. (Monitor your browsing habits and discover those things that are keeping you from doing what you need to do to have a successful online presence.)

2. Take a day...or go 'Internet Free'. (Like I'm doing 'as we speak'.)

3. Separate 'online' hours from 'offline' hours. Give yourself a time frame for both.

4. Get 'Back to Work'. Give yourself a little 'browsing' leeway. But, limit it to a specific timeframe. Once you've 'strayed' from the work you intended to do...give yourself 5 - 30 - 90 minutes (the time allotted is strickly 'up to you') to 'go ahead and browse'...when the time is
up...'get back to work'.

5. Read the article about 'Internet Attention Deficit Disorder' that I researched for this post to learn more.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Draft a Plan of Action

Draft a 'plan of action'...
that's what I'm going to take the
next few days to do.
And I'm going
'commando' internet..
just the notes
I've accumulated in
'My Documents'.
I don't want to be
honestly..I think I have
(Internet Attention Deficit Disorder)

I find myself...continually...someplace other
than where I need to be.
I type in something like..
I'll find a pretty good source
of information on this topic..
and this is my 'downfall'...
they have something on the site
that piques my interest...
which is a site submission service
that the very basics can be used for free...
and then I notice..
which promotes the 'Secret to Fast Google Listing'
for $25.00 a month...
(does anyone really sign up for this?) see where I'm going with this...
I can get sooo easily distracted...that it
often takes me three days to do
what should have only taken a maximum
of three hours...usually more like
thirty minutes.
With this much "I.A.D.D."
I have failed to form a
"Plan of Action"
for my intent to
'make more money online'...
I'm taking an
"Internet Free"..working vacation..
for a few days,
so I can come back..
with an 'intention' in mind.
I have several things
I would like to share with you...
but I don't want to do so
until I have my own
'plan of action'
in place.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Things I've Learned!

I'm glad I decided to do this blog...I'll admit I thought
it was a little 'ballsy' of me, since this blog is
about 'how to make money online', using methods
I haven't used before.
In my 'quest' to do this, I have run across
some of the best information to help me to know
what I should do...and what I should NOT do.

I wrote a 'warning' post yesterday, about a site I
found through an email I received. I might not have
researched the site...until it was too late...had it not
been for the information I've found while looking
for resources for my blog posts and for some 'minor' charges
that came back to "bite me", though, thankfully, not for an amount
that would make or break me.
To recap what I've
presented thus far...
oDesk...a work at home job source.
(To has now been a couple of months since signing...
I have not only NOT worked one job,
I haven't even received an invite to interview for a job.
*I did receive one seemed a bit odd I had
not yet taken the tests that were required for me to
be considered a candidate for any position.*
Since, taking the tests and applying for numerous positions,
I have yet to get an interview.)
oDesk is not high on my list of valid
I signed up with Associated Content
to write articles for them.
I have written 6 articles,
this is the only article for which I received
upfront payment---though not a was something!
I am accumlating 'pennies' on my other
articles, depending upon how many people 'find' my
and I've made almost as much for this piece as I did
for my 'paid' piece. Just a few more hits should do it.
I'm surprised at how much I've made, just letting
people find the articles without any promotion..
I'm about to begin promoting...
we'll see what kind of hits I get
as a result.
Another 'opportunity' I'm reluctant to pursue is..
'Project Payday'.
I'm just too 'sketched-out' by anything
that I have to give a credit card number to..
and then,
I have to remember to 'cancel my order/ subscription/ etc'
before I am charged for something I really don't want.
I know the people who belong to the site
do seem to like it, I just have a problem with the
way it works.
Now..about Clickbank.
I signed up in October...
I've only 'promoted' two of their products
to earnings are 0.
True, I don't 'promote' like those
that are really 'into' Clickbank and write
all kinds of blogs, lenses...etc..
to promote each different product. I'm considering
finding a product that I'm really 'in' to...and see
if I can be more aggressive in promoting..I'll
let you know how that works out.
I've received a little payout from one of
the survey sites that I've tried.
But, I've done about 35 surveys to make $5.00...
I'd probably get more 'pay' if I would
complete those that 'credit card is required'
but, I WON'T do those..Just not going to
take any chances with my
fragile finances.
I'll be getting my payment from Zazzle
any day now. They show they've sent it but,
it takes about 7 to 10 days to appear in my
This was the first the 4 years I've belonged..
that I've made a 'performance' bonus..which boosted
my payout by almost 25%.
My Etsy sales were pretty good at year's end..
with the New Year though...things
have plummeted...
I'm currently looking for
new ways to market these sites...
I need the sales.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Homeworkers. Beware this scam.

I got an email today...

Hello..(my name)..
Recently you have indicated a desire to work at home... Based upon this we have hand picked you for this work at home job.
Click Here To Start
We would like to congratulate you for making the right decision in working with us. You have a 48 hour window to claim your position before we fill it with the next in que
Click Here To Claim Your Position
Charles Wellmore
Work at Home Group

*PLEASE NOTE---I REMOVED THE DIRECT LINKS FROM THIS EMAIL, SO YOU WOULDN'T ACCIDENTALLY CLICK THROUGH. Otherwise, the email is presented as I received it...I just copied and pasted.

I thought it might have been something I had 'researched' for this blog, so I clicked through. I immediately recognized it as a 'pre-sell page' and had the presence of mind to do further checking via Google.
I can tell you....Do NOT sign up with this really is a SCAM! ... read how others were ripped off...

This is an 'article writing program' that boasts larger earnings for each article you write. However, there is a registration fee and then, once you give your credit card authorization, you find that they take an additional $47.00 that they didn't bother to tell you about.
There are many...many...many article writing sites that PAY YOU for your articles..and you don't have to pay anything to sign up...stick with those.
So, as with any program, it is wise to do a little 'detective' work before signing up for anything that requires you give over your credit card number or paypal payment.

Post Script--Just thought I'd let you know...I never did "make any decision to work with them" as stated in their email. In fact...I'd never heard of them before.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Niche List

Having trouble deciding on a Niche? Here are a few suggestions!

  • acne medication

  • advertising

  • amazon

  • as seen on tv

  • audio books

  • automotive

  • baby products

  • banks

  • business loan

  • beauty products

  • bill consolidation loan

  • black lights

  • broadband

  • phone business

  • finance business opportunity

  • car accessory

  • car insurance

  • car rental

  • cat food

  • religious products

  • cell phone

  • ceramics

  • chess

  • dog food

I have a much longer list...but you can find several by just searching for 'niche lists' in Google. I am only trying to point out that...niches are everywhere! Just look around the room and you'll find numerous examples.

In my living room, where I am sitting and typing this on my laptop, I can look around and I see...

  • My pottery collection. (I found six or seven pottery affiliates by typing 'affiliate programs for Google.)

  • Old Globe Lamps. (Okay...this one's going to take further 'digging' to find out if there are any affiliate programs...however, I can certainly research the subject and offer the information in the form of ebooks...or appraiser (if I can become expert enough.)

  • Art - Original and Print. (All Posters has an affiliate program that you can earn some pretty good commissions...same with Zazzle...and I don't have to provide anything except a little work, a site, some links to the products and good marketing.)

I think you see how niches can be built. It's almost as simple as, "finding a need and filling it". And from the 'organic pet products' example...try to keep that 'need' as specific as possible.

And....if these suggestions..or looking around your room...don't get you excited about a particular might search Google Trends or eBay Pulse.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Expand on Your Efforts

Once you have provided a way for 'dog lovers' to find organic products for dogs, you need to go to the next step...and expand your efforts.
If dog lovers want to find these products, you can be assured that cat lovers are no less passionate about their pets.
Using the same procedures given in the inital example of niche/ sub-niche marketing, do the same thing for cats.

You may find it necessary to use some of your original affiliate product programs...if they provide products for cats too...but, you need to focus your marketing efforts toward the 'lover of cats'.

This establishes yourself as, 'something of an expert', in the field of 'organic products for pets'...and you can link your sites, to give a further boost to your Google search rankings. And don't just stop with, cats and dogs....are there other pets that need 'organic products' for their well-being? may want to go a bit deeper and...sub/niche your sub/niches. By that I mean, focus a new site just on 'Organic Dog Foods'....another new site just on....'Organic Cat Foods'...and yet another on just 'Organic Pet Grooming Products'.
You see where I'm going with this....I'm sure.
This is the true 'secret' of Niche Marketing. You don't get just one niche...sub/niche and expect to 'grow' will surely 'flat line' in time....but, if you cover ALL Aspects of 'Organic Products for Pets'...generally, at first...and then 'in-depth''ll almost certainly have a 'winning niche' on your hands...if you work at it.
You may have changed your main niche from...Dog Owners to Pet Owners....but, it might bring you in a very nice little income in the long run. Who knows, once you've done all this learning on the subject, you might have enough material to write and sell your own books on the subject...that's kind of how this niche thing works out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get The Traffic Moving!

Now that you've got your niche...and your've set up your affiliate product programs and you have your site all ready to're wondering 'how to get the traffic moving?'

Here are some important things to keep in mind:
Make sure the content on your (site, blog, lens) is helpful to your visitors.
Give them Quality; don't use information that is copied and pasted from some other site.
Give your visitors the information they are looking for. If you are promoting 'organic dog shampoo'...make sure they know why they need it...and where they can get it. Create the links they need, with your affiliate codes in place.

Create fresh content at least once a week. If you found a new program with some really great 'organic dog food' or a new blog with helpful tips for raising your pet the organic way.

Improve your search engine ranking and your content on keywords related to your topic. But, be sure not to 'over do it'...too many keywords and you'll get dinged for keyword spamming.
You want the customers to find you as quickly as possible...this is why we focused on a sub-niche with so few providers. With the right amount of keyword placement, fresh content, a useful product and good stand a really good chance of being in the top ten searches on Google (for "organic products for dogs".)
As long as your sub-niche is as 'focused' as the one in my example, this should work for whatever product you are promoting.
Improve your odds.
Instead of waiting for the customers to come to you...go to them.
Again, using my sub-niche example, I typed 'forums for pet lovers' in the Google search, and this is what I found.
Be cool about it though...don't join a bunch of forums and start 'spamming' them with links to your 'organic products for pets' site(s).
Join in ongoing discussions, start discussions...focus on pet lovers who maybe don't know about all of the 'organic products' that are available for pets. Then, once you have their interest, direct them to your site(s). It's kind of the 'wait to be invited' approach.
With all of the new sites being built...every single day...on the internet, you can no longer use the approach of "if you build it, they will come." Certainly, they may 'get there' one day, by accident perhaps, but if you seriously want to build a real income from the's going to take a bit of work on your behalf. Now you have to learn to 'market effectively'.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What is Niche Affiliate Marketing?

What is a niche? A niche is a certain segment of the population that you intend to focus on.

In this example, the targeted niche I am 'focusing on' owners...specifically, owners that are so 'in love with their dogs' that they want to be sure they have the 'best of everything'.

I have selected organic products for dogs as my marketing this example, 'Dog Aromatherapy Products'...yes, this niche does exist...and there are products you can provide to those owners who are looking for ways to 'extend the lives of their beloved pets'.

(I'm not actually going to set up a marketing niche for this product...I'm just using it as an example...of 'niche marketing'.)

So---pick your targeted niche = dog owners.

Select your 'sub-niche' = organic products for dogs.

Find affiliate programs that are available in this niche/ sub-niche = Green Affiliate pet supplies.

Select the products you want to promote = Pet Alive

All of these products have affiliate programs that you can join, in order to receive commissions on the promotion of their products.

I've checked on Google and there are 108 sites that you can find for 'Organic Products for Dogs', and three paid advertisements (meaning someone is paying to get their products found) -- according to what I've learned about affiliate niche means there are customers looking for these products and very few sites offering them.
You might not 'get rich' with this targeted niche market but, it appears to have some possibilities with a little work and some promotion.

You'll need to do just a bit of research (about 30 minutes worth)...unless you're already an get your facts and put together a good promotional article.

Once you have all of your information, your products, etc all worked it on your website, blog or Squidoo Lens.
There are more places you can get started..but, I'm not trying to overload you with
information...I want to give you someplace to start, so you can proceed, step by step with the niche/ sub-niche you have selected.
(One of the most dangerous roadblocks on this type of journey is...'information overload' find yourself so worried about gathering all of the information you can possibly get your hands on...and you never get around to doing anything with it.)

I'm going to work on my own niche/ sub-niche the meantime...and I'll let you know my experiences along the way.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A change in direction.

I have decided that I'm going to change directions,
in my '30 Day Work at Home Experiment'.

My 30 day work at home programs experiment.
I am going to follow the FREE steps given for
FOUR 'make money online' Programs.

A. PotPieGirl Programs
B. Bum Marketing
C. Long Tail Treasure
D. Niche Marketing Websites

I discovered, after really looking into these programs,
that they are mostly affiliate niche marketing
programs. So, rather than 're-hash' programs that
are somewhat similar...I'll just go into my approach to
'affiliate niche' marketing and give examples from these

It's important to have a 'direction'...which in this
case is..niche marketing with affiliate programs..
and even more how to 'make it work'.

I think 'making it work' is more the direction that
we need to that's the direction we'll be taking
as this experiement progresses.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Before you leap...

I have several things going,
that contribute to my
online income.
I'm making money from all of them,
but not quite enough to pay the bills.
And, they all take countless hours
of work.
As I've searched for new sources
of online income, I've seen more
than my fair share...
of questionable opportunities.
Already I've spent more than I intended to.
I read opportunities that sound
very promising and intriguing...and often discover..
if I really want to get the 'whole story'
it's going to cost me money.
While I am somewhat skeptical....
(I've been 'burned' too many times to count,)
I confess that I have spent a few
dollars to 'find out more'.
So far, it's been a little disappointing.
I've had to cancel one
subscription, because the subscribed program
I downloaded just didn't work
as I thought it was going to.
So..before you leap into a program
that sounds really good...because
that's most of them, to folks who need to
make more money...see if there's anyway
you can "try it out" first.
I will subscribe to a program
that sounds promising,
if there's no other way
to 'try it out' first.
If it does work,
I keep the subscription.
If it doesn't, and I can't afford to
wait 'indefinitely', I cancel my subscription
and move on.