Sunday, June 28, 2009

Check your page rank.

Ever wonder how to find out the
page rank of your

I usually check my
page ranks if I
stumble across a page rank checker
while searching for something

Here is a site that you can
check your page rank in

Free page rank check.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Do You Plan to Get There

Align Center
The world of internet marketing
might seem like a giant 'maze' to you...
I know it does to me.
Take all of the emails I get..each and everyday.

So far, today, I've received emails for:

1. Micro Continuity (x 5)
2. Free Traffic System
3. Underground Training Lab
4. SitePal (for a "Virtual Employee")
5. Longtail Articles
6. Instant Lead Magnet
7. (3) Separate survey requests (non-paying)
8. A couple of 'up-grade' offers on free website submission sites.
9. A video from Travis Sago on Clickbank Links
10. Four or five emails from people/sites I've never heard of.

And...this is in just one of my email accounts (I have 7.)

It's enough to overwhelm anyone.
Most of the emails are
real lessons in sales letters. They all
seem like the 'next best' thing!
And...almost all of them cost money!

In my plan to get through the 'maze' of opportunities
(and confusion)
the first step I am taking is

I can't afford to be distracted,
or tempted in any way.

I won't unsubscribe to everything!

I'll continue to receive those emails for programs
that I am most interested in...
'One Week Marketing'
'Niche A Day'
'Bum Marketing'

anything that falls into the plans I have
mapped out
to get through the maze
as quickly as possible.

So, how do you plan to get there?
I'd be interested to hear
what others are doing to muffle
the 'noise' from all of the
opportunities you receive.
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

More on How to Sell on Ebay

I like to run visuals every so often...
just reading things can get a bit boring and
I don't want to be 'accused' of "being boring"...even if I am..a bit!
Anyway...I ran across this
"how-to" video
and found it to be somewhat entertaining...
as well as...informative...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Week Marketing Review

I first 'mentioned' One Week Marketing back in December. Basically, this program is a 'how-to' on bum marketing. This means writing articles, blogs, Squidoo lenses, and promoting other people's products for little or no money out of pocket.

The 'One Week Marketing' program was written by PotPieGirl, also known as Jennifer Ledbetter. Not your typical guru in that, once you buy One Week Marketing (for what I consider a very low cost of $47), she doesn't 'hit' you up to buy anything extra.

I can't tell you how many programs, including the 'freebies', hook you up with their 'opt-ins' and literally FLOOD your email inbox with new offers, joint ventures and pushing the products of all of their 'guru' friends. Most of these programs charge you 'such and such' for their program and then, low and behold, you find out you need additional products that cost even more money, or you have to sign up for a program in which you will incur a monthly fee. Often you don't even find this out until after you've parted with your hard earned money.

What I like most about One Week Marketing ... once you own the course, you have all you need to know to begin making money online immediately. You have no additional products to buy. But wait! There are a few costs that you will want to consider. Web hosting and buying is a domain name…it isn't required, and I've run across a number of free sites that have hit page 1 of Google in their niche, so it really is up to you which way you want to go.

One Week Marketing takes your work week and breaks it down into days. Each day has an action plan with a given task for each day.

Once you've completed day 7, you will have created a targeted campaign that will be up on the internet and generate money for you 24/7.

After the first week, you move on to the second week and start the process over again. PotPieGirl's techniques are straight-forward, easy to understand, and easily duplicated from one niche to the next.

I think this is one of the easiest to learn and most honest programs currently available and I am confident that once you see this program you will will not only love it but, see the potential for making money straight away. If you are looking for something simple, free website traffic, a step-by-step and day-by-day plan, you have found it. If you want to pay one time only and not incur monthly fees, this is the best program I have found.

I really like PotPieGirl's concept behind One Week Marketing, the one time only cost of the program. It is perfect for the beginner just starting out because of the low cost and the easy to follow step by step plan.

If you still aren't 'sold' that One Week Marketing is for you, go ahead and get the first 18 pages free to see if it’s something you want to know more about.
The course contains 5 PDF’s and one notepad file.

* One Week Marketing Guide Book #1 - Days 1 - 7 explanation
* A Conversation With Nick - Nick was her guinea pig. He made 3 sales in his first week.
* One Week Action Plan
* One Week Marketing Mind Maps
* One Week Marketing Checklists

For a sampling of her work, go and check out Pot Pie Girl's Squidoo Lensmaster Page
and you'll learn a bit more about her. If you are looking for a way to make money online, it really is hard to go wrong with this course.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eight months ago

I started this blog with the idea in mind that I would find out how to make money online without spending any money.
That was over 8 months ago!

What have I learned in the past 8 months?
Yes, you can make money online without spending money but, if you are learning from all of the 'bits and pieces' of free information may take a lot longer.

Do I have screenshots of big money 'paydays' to show you?....Not exactly....but, I decided that I would "come clean" and show that I am making some money online. Most of it is from my online shops but, I'm also earning money from the articles I write and from my affiliate marketing.

I've been making money from my online shops since 2004, so I have that "down". It might have been easier and happened faster if I had known there were "how-to" books available but, I was such an internet 'novice' that I ended up teaching myself and learned the 'hard' way, by trial and error.

Looking back over the past 8 months, I will admit now that I wished I had spent money a bit sooner on just a few of the programs I will be sharing over the next few weeks.
I don't get any program that costs too much...I don't have that much to spare. But, these are the programs that have helped me turn things around in recent weeks and months...and I would have begun making money much sooner with my affiliate and bum marketing had I started out with them
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Step 5 -- Rinse and repeat

Step 5...Repeat steps 1 through 4! --- With a brand new Niche!

Go back to Step all of the 'searches' again...find a niche that appeals to you and has high interest/ low competition and repeat steps 1 through 4 all OVER again.

Keep doing this and you'll find....some are winners...some not so much..........but, overall..the odds are in your favor that you will begin to earn an

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Step 4 -- Build a List

Step 4...Start building a list.

Here are a few methods you might try in order to start building your lists.

1. Scatter a number of subscription boxes throughout your website and/ or blogsite. Believe it or not, it's very easy to 'overlook' a subscription box if you only have one available, unless it is BIG and BOLD.

2.Offer a really good bonus or gift...for FREE! Just make sure your 'freebie' has something to do with your site(s). For example, don't offer an ebook on "How To Make Money Online" if your sites are about 'Growing Prize Winning Chickens'.

3. Pop up windows is another way a lot of marketers are building their lists. Personally...they annoy me and I have never signed up through a pop up. But, maybe I'm in a minority, so I thought I'd, at least, mention this one.

4. Send your articles to a landing page that has an opt-in, to collect emails of interested subscribers.

5. Purchase a list. Here again, quite a few marketers do purchase lists....I for one, want to be sure my customers WANT my I do NOT use this method. But...I wanted to offer it as a suggestion.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Step 3 - Build a site

Step 3...Put up a little website or blogsite. (You need to be able to link your articles to one of your own sites. This will translate into a bigger conversion rate than to just link directly to the merchant page.)

You can choose to put up a blog right here on or get a hosting site like

I personally use both.
I have several Blogger blogs...that do get some traffic. This is a little more time consuming and takes a little longer.

I also have a couple of Wordpress blogs hosted on Host Gator....this 'does' cost money for hosting and domain...but the Wordpress blog themes are free. going with sub-domains, I only have the monthly cost of web host and the price of one domain.

The best thing about having your own is YOUR site...not a shared site...and you have a lot more control over your own site...and you can host numerous domains and sub-domains on one Host Gator site...saving a ton of money on hosting.

You can also set up a free website at or
I have sites on both and find they are so easy to use that it only takes about 15-30 minutes to set up a starter site, as long as you have the information ready to upload.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Step 2 -- Write More Articles

Step 2....Write some more articles in niches you are already having some success in. (Okay...unless you have lots and lots of FREE time, you may need to consider finding someone else to write these (and the other) articles for you.

I personally like to learn new things...writing articles gives me a reason to learn. So, I prefer to do my own articles...however, you can get some pretty good articles written for you, for a reasonable fee.
Since I like to write so much, this is something I do quite regularly. I have written articles for clients through Textbroker, I get paid for articles I write for Associated Content (many of those articles serve a duel purpose as, I not only get paid to write the article, I also include links to my niches, so I can drive traffic back to my 'bum marketing' efforts.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Step 1- Find A Hungry Market - Part 2

So...let's suppose that by now, you've got your (1) niche. (Mine is 'waterwheel play table')
You've done all of your searches.

You've got, at least, 10 good least half of them, long tailed keywords (three or four words in length.)
I'm using: waterwheel play table, 2 waterwheel play table, step 2 waterwheel play table, sand and water table, naturally playful clubhouse climber, step 2 playhouses, step 2 sandbox, step 2 naturally playful climber, step 2 playhouse, home playhouse step 2, step 2 naturally playful playhouse, step 2 naturally playful sandbox, step 2 welcome home playhouse (Each different play item will have an affiliate link, a separate short article and blog post...for highest optimization.)

You've found two or three affiliates so that you can make some money. (I had to stick with Amazon for now...which is I can use all of the 'sub-niches' to monetize each of those, this will make up for only having one affiliate program linked to the niche.) it's time to write a few articles.
Here's a fairly easy way to write your own articles...

Type your niche (mine-'waterwheel play table') + articles into Google. (niche+articles).
Copy and paste the article(s) you find into your wordpad.

Rewrite every sentence of the article into your own words. -- Remember that if you copy content word for word, your articles will not get to the front pages of Google as they will be seen as 'duplicate content'.
As you rewrite each sentence, be sure to delete the original sentence, so that all you'll need to do when you're finished is to copy and paste.

Do NOT put any affiliate links into your articles, then you won't have to worry about which directories accept them and which ones do not. Instead, include a link to your blog in the author's resource/ bio box.
For Go Articles and Associated Content you can put text link, to your blog, within the article if you can work it in.
Best to leave them out of Ezine Article submissions.

GoArticles will publish your article immediately, Associated Content and Ezine Articles must approve them first.

If you really do not like to write articles, you can either Use the articles in GoArticles, Ezine, etc...which you must include the author's name and bio box...including links to their sites.
(Since I don't want to re-direct any traffic....I don't use this method.)

You can outsource your articles, which will cost you a small fee...but you will have all rights to these articles, as well as the author title.

I'll cover article writing and marketing more in Step 2.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Step 1 - Find a 'Hungry' Market

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post..."5 Step Bum Marketing"...and I decided to expand on each of those 5 separate posts..hoping it might be a little more helpful to you.

Step 1 ....Find your 'hungry' market and then...write lots and lots of articles for that 'hungry' market.
---So..where do you find that 'hungry' market???
*Find out what people are looking for. Search eBay pulse, Top searches for day, week, month and year, Amazon hot picks, etc.
---Then, find product. You can check clickbank, affiliate sites (like Pepperjam) and Amazon associates. (You need to be able to monetize your efforts.)
(NEW)---use Adsense!

Here are the top five 'hungry' markets in each of my searches.

I. Ebay Pulse
1. cursor
2. ipod touch
3. ipod
4. iphone
5. xbox 360

II. Yahoo Top Search
1-Scarlett Johansson (1)+5976141Missing PlaneBreakout!
22New Moon (11)+105431210 Worst Hurricanes In HistoryBreakout!
36MTV Awards (2)+10428732010 Ford Taurus10261%
435Eminem (23)+1492244Lance Stephenson8403%
5-Air France (1)+1811885Toy Story 3 Trailer6122%

III. Amazon Bestsellers
1. Bailout Riches
2. Kindle
3. Waterwheel Play Table
4. Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred
5. The Sims 3

IV. Google Trends
1. candace cameron bure
2. pseudocyesis
3. cake farts
5. selachophobia

V. Niche A Day - Subscribe to Niche A Day. It's FREE and they will send you (1) niche everyday, via email. Check it out! here we have -- 25 DIFFERENT possibilities....just doing a couple of quick searches. (Time spent....10 minutes.) These are the 'hungry' markets....the TOP searches.

NOW....time to see which (1) possibility would work best for a specific niche ... for our bum marketing. a couple of searches. (For examples' sake, we will go with....the 'Waterwheel Play Table'..)
The first place I search is the Google Keyword Tool ... I find that it has an average monthly search volume of 12,100 for the keywords...'waterwheel play table' and 1600 monthly searches for 'Step 2 waterwheel play table' and 1600 searches for '2 waterwheel play table'. (You'll want to use all of those 'long tailed keywords' in your blog and your articles.)

Now I go back to Google and type in "waterwheel play table" quotes...there's 79,700 sites covering 'waterwheel play table'...not optimal, but there's a chance to get an article or two on the first page with the right keywords.

There's a new FEATURE now in Google to help you find 'just the right keywords''s called...'wonder wheel'.

To get to the wonder wheel click on the 'show options' .... I have it circled in this screen shot will bring you to a second page...on the left side...about midway down the second page you will find 'wonder wheel' in the STANDARD VIEW section. Click on the 'wonder wheel'.

In this example there are several keywords that might work as 'sub-niches' for your 'waterwheel play table' niche such as,
"little tikes"...within this 'sub-niche' there are...'little tikes log cabin'..'little tikes playground'....'little tikes jungle climber'.
"naturally playful sandbox"... for which there are ... 'naturally playful playhouse'...'naturally playful lookout treehouse'...'naturally playful sand and water'.

See how this one 'top five search' produces at least a dozen different ways to 'monetize' on this specific niche!'s time to find some affiliate programs that carry the 'waterwheel'...'little tikes'...and 'naturally playful'....


Pepperjam Network Referral Program



I'll let you work these first steps....and I'll continue with the rest of Step 1 in the next post.