Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Is Your Brand?

What do you think comes to other people's mind when they think about you?
Is it positive, negative or indifferent?
Is it anything you've ever thought about before?
It's pretty important, that we develop and manage our own image, otherwise, we've opened the door and invited others to do this for us
and we lose control of how we are perceived by others.
The business of creating and managing ourselves and our image is called personal branding.
A brand is the relationship or perception something, or someone, holds in the mind of others, most often the consumer.
For example, when you think of Rolls Royce, what comes to your mind?
I would answer "top of the line" and "success".
A brand translates our unique 'salespitch', or what separates us from the competition.
If only to yourself, it should be a brief, memorable statement that identifies you to your audience.
It is important to remember that you don't go through life with just one Personal Brand. Depending on what you're communicating or selling and to whom, you can identify and communicate a Personal Brand that is right for each particular situation.
My 'brand' is much different when dealing with my local gallery representative, than it is when dealing directly with online collectors.
Write a brief (about 100 word)
statement about yourself,
who you are,
what you do (or sell).
What you WANT your brand to be!
Need more help?

Ready 2 Go

This blog is about
work at home program
that actually work.
At least, I hope they do.
So, I'm trying a few of them out...
to find out if they do or not...
and then I'll write about
what I find out...
right here.
But first, a very brief...brief bio about me.
I am considered a "senior citizen" by AARP's standards...
but I'm not old enough to collect social security
and won't be for a few more years.
I worked a "real" J.O.B. for most of my life.
I took 'early retirement'...and lost my shirt on the
penalties, fees and taxes...leaving me with
little more than the money to buy;
a digital camera, a computer and pay a couple of bills.
So..I decided to go 'online'...and make my money there.
For four years, all of my income has been made
from the internet but, in the field I have
chosen...I'm not quite making enough to make ends meet.
I do make sales...several times a week...but, I need
DAILY income!
When I started this blog, I knew I wanted it to
be about making money online.
But, I'm not an expert, I'm not an affiliate (yet) and
I didn't have much to share.
So, the blog was left, pretty much unattended, for about
six weeks.
Recently, I began an intensive study into the various
ways to make money online.
I found some programs that I think are viable
and others...well...I'm pretty skeptical.
I don't have any expendible income at the moment..
heck..that includes MOST
I decided to look at the programs that were
either FREE or very close to it!
Then, I decided to experiment with several of
these programs to see if they work or not...and record
everything I learn...on this blog...
to share with others.
I'm giving the experiment...six weeks...since
I think if there are any viable programs out there...I should
know something..or make something...within a
six week period.
So...stay Tuned...if you want to
see how the experiment turns out.