Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are there really any viable Work At Home Programs?

I think I am like a lot of folks out there...I run out of money before I run out of month. I have to decide, usually based on what is fixing to be shut off first, who is going to get paid and who is going to have to wait. I have lived like this most of my life. And, quite frankly, I'm tired of it.
I'm far too young to just 'throw in the towel' and apply for assistance and far too old to put up with nonsense and scams. But, in order to sort out the good from the, 'not so good', I'll have to check out everything that, at least, looks like it might be viable.

Throughout my life I have been 'scammed' more than once, by work at home programs that seemed to be on the 'up and up'. I've done the assembly at home work, MLM and me have NEVER gotten along well. I've joined sooo many programs, based on excellent products, but impossible for the 'average Jane' to work.

I have already 'signed up' for a couple of programs, so that I can look into them further. They are, "Project Payday" and "oDesk".

I will let you know my findings as soon as I have more information.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Work Hard For The Money

In today's economy, most people don't feel that they have the job security of spending the next 20 plus years with companies that appear financially solvent. If they really do have the finances, perhaps they are outsourcing many of their jobs to countries with less competitive wages. I know that the major insurance company I retired from is now outsourcing entire segments of their work force to countries that may not even offer their product. That means, fewer and fewer positions that can be filled by people who live in the states and cities this company have offices in. The company makes no apologies, after all.... It's about, economics.

Having the freedom of working from home, when the attitudes of so many of our corporate giants have cooled toward local workforce, looks more appealing every day. We have to be careful though, or we risk signing up with a program that promises the moon, takes our money and delivers little more than a nicely packaged packet of recycled materials, much of what we could get for free if we spent a little time researching on the internet.

I, personally, am staying away from the programs that promise returns that are just "too good to be true". Instead, I'm researching those programs which show more believable results and promise that I am going to have to "work hard for the money". These are programs that appear, on the surface, to be viable and practical. Certainly I wouldn't reject the possibility of, one day, being rich...who would??? But, I'm in a position that I need, realistic income, from hard work on a consistent basis. And, I don't have much money to invest in programs that might save me half the time for twice the results. Truth is, I've invested so much in my lifetime, that I've become a little skeptical and very reluctant.